• Furniture

    Our furniture selection is constantly changing, so check our store often to find that special piece you are looking for.

  • Jewelry

    We have a wide variety of inexpensive yet desirable fashion jewelry

  • Decor

    Knick-knacks, pictures and other interesting décor grace our shelves and walls.

  • Books

  • Kitchenware

  • Tools


The inventory is always changing. Be sure to stop by in person to see what we have.  We process estates all day,  adding new items to our vast collection of treasures.  Often we get requests for certain types of merchandise, and often we have what you are looking for.  In some cases we do not.  We do however have a network of connections and may be able to locate your requested items.  Please send a request via our contact us page.  Give details of what it is you are looking for and a threshold for what you are willing to spend.  We will keep you in mind when submitting offers to purchase estates.

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